Cool Stock Tweets #13

This week’s newsletter is sponsored by TIKR and EdmundSEC! Here are some of our favorite tweets of the week:

Research Tools I Love

  1. TIKR is an affordable platform that allows investors to rapidly analyze 100,000+ equities across the globe. I use TIKR to quickly see financial data on companies, access earnings calls and investor day transcripts, and screen for new ideas. Please check out their phenomenal platform here.

  2. EdmundSEC is a phenomenal AI-powered financial research assistant. I personally use and love EdmundSEC, especially its AI earnings transcript summarizer that highlights and cites the most important statements from any investor call. Getting up to speed on a new name is much faster and richer with EdmundSEC. Join me and test them out here.

  3. You can find even more free and paid stock research tools I love in this annual list here.

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